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As a GoPro Hero 4 user, updating your firmware is an essential task to enjoy the latest features and ensure your device’s optimal performance. Firmware updates offer improvements that can make a significant difference in your shooting experience. Here are some tips, benefits, and recommendations to help you update your firmware correctly.

Tips for Updating Firmware GoPro Hero 4

Before updating your GoPro Hero 4 firmware, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure the process goes smoothly:

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Tip #1: Check compatibility

Make sure you have the correct firmware version for your GoPro Hero 4. Check the compatibility of the firmware with your device model and its serial number to avoid any issues during the updating process. Download the firmware from the official GoPro website to ensure it’s genuine and not corrupted.

Gopro Hero 4 Firmware Update

Tip #2: Backup your data

Before you update your firmware, ensure you have backed up your data, such as videos and photos, to avoid losing any of your files during the process. You can back up your data to an external hard drive, computer, or cloud storage.

Gopro Hero 4 Backup

Tip #3: Charge your device fully

Ensure your GoPro Hero 4 has enough battery life to complete the firmware updating process. A fully charged battery is recommended to avoid interruptions that can lead to firmware corruption.

Gopro Hero 4 Battery Charge

Tip #4: Follow the instructions carefully

Read the instructions provided by GoPro to ensure you understand the firmware update process. Follow the steps carefully and accurately to avoid any issues or errors during the update.

Gopro Hero 4 Instructions

Benefits of Updating Firmware GoPro Hero 4

Updating your GoPro Hero 4 firmware offers several benefits, including:

Improved performance

Firmware updates improve your GoPro Hero 4’s overall performance by fixing bugs, enhancing functions, and adding new features.

Gopro Hero 4 Performance Improvements

Increased stability

Firmware updates also offer increased stability for your GoPro Hero 4. Stability improvements reduce the likelihood of crashes or freezes during shooting, ensuring a smoother shooting experience.

Gopro Hero 4 Stability Improvements

Bug fixes

Firmware updates address bugs that can affect your device’s performance, such as connectivity issues, memory leaks, and slow response times.

Gopro Hero 4 Bug Fixes

New features

New firmware updates can add new features to your GoPro Hero 4, such as improved image quality, more shooting modes, and better connectivity options.

Gopro Hero 4 New Features

Recommendations for Updating Firmware GoPro Hero 4

Here are some recommendations to help you update your GoPro Hero 4 firmware:

Recommendation #1: Check for updates regularly

Check the official GoPro website regularly for firmware updates to ensure you have the latest version of the firmware installed on your device.

Gopro Hero 4 Firmware Updates

Recommendation #2: Keep your device clean

Ensure your GoPro Hero 4 is clean before updating your firmware. Dirt or dust particles can interfere with the firmware update process and cause errors.

Gopro Hero 4 Cleaning

Recommendation #3: Use a stable internet connection

Ensure you have a stable internet connection before downloading the firmware update. A stable internet connection reduces the likelihood of download errors and ensures a smooth updating process.

Gopro Hero 4 Internet Connection

Recommendation #4: Test your device after updating

After updating your firmware, test your GoPro Hero 4 to ensure everything is working correctly. Test the new features, check for any bugs, and ensure your device has maintained its stability after the update.

Gopro Hero 4 Testing


Updating your GoPro Hero 4 firmware is an essential task that offers several benefits, including improved performance, increased stability, bug fixes, and new features. Follow the tips, benefits, and recommendations above to ensure you update your firmware correctly and enjoy the latest features available on your device.

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